Farah Nofal


Farah Nofal

I think that traveling is food soul, you get to unravel so much about yourself, your likes, dislikes & much more. You come across so many new cultures, humans, food, animals & climates. Some of them click with you & others might irritate you. However, both of them shape you. Only was it  when I started traveling alone that I truly discovered myself, I realized that those who stick to their comfort zone, miss out on all the fun. 

My favorite part of Travel is to experience new cultures, their lifestyles, their food & their norms. I find it so interesting how all of us humans are so differently alike. 

Traveling for both of my Yoga Teacher Training helped shape my teaching & my character along the way, over a month in a different continent could do magic. 

Ever since then, I grew this passion towards leading Yoga retreats Internationally & Locally. I love how people that never met unite for the love of Yoga & Travel. All with the same mindset, being free spirited & explorative, It brings such beautiful energy to the trip. The kind of energy that you're always craving more of. 

Here's to one day, conquering this beautiful world!