"For me movement isn’t getting on my mat and just flowing, its much deeper. for me movement is love, a love story with my self, how my body moves and dances, how my breath regulates and flows and how my mind and thoughts are focused. you start realizing how it affects your soul, purifies it day in. lets love ourselves, in order to love the humans around us.



I love sunlight, arm balances, hikes, vegetables, smells, graffiti, roses, bicycles, dogs, dancing, melon, mustard, music, cities, flags, teaching, surprises, big smiles, wisdom, nonsense, anatomy, instruments, spoons, plants, rocks, coffee, writing, art, beaches, laughing, patterns, arugula, singing, love, wrinkles, mangoes, learning, breathing, beings, being, life, you. 

My teachings are -deep, raw & strong- I admire authenticity & passion. I am a loving creator, giving a piece of my knowledge & self into my Yoga Classes and Teaching. I love this work/process of creating, learning, connecting, healing and giving.

Farah Nofal
Farah Nofal

Born in Sept. 4th 1991, I grew up in Alexandria, Egypt,  surrounded by a big warm family, loving parents & sisters. Exploring in different activities and sports as a young girl, however, I always found my way along my father as he exercised and moved. I discovered how life breathes through you when you are in movement’s thrall. 

Graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Finance, however, I ended up as a Health Coach and a Yoga Teacher. My passion towards wellness & movement was found at a young age, and with the years passing, that passion dug its way deeper into my heart & soul. It was through a physical trauma when I discovered the true healing powers of yoga. & this is what led me into a deep and lifelong journey of serving and giving back with my teachings and knowledge.

Located now in Cairo, creating a  new space that reflects my energy & work.
I believe that our bodies, minds and souls work as one, If one isn’t working, the rest suffer.
Always working on that mind-body connection and spreading the light!

Explore the art of mindful living through the mediums of yoga, food, style & life.